9 Things Muslims In Ramadan Understand All Too Well|Ramablog #1

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** For some reason this post was found in my drafts so I had to republish it! At the time of reposting it was not Ramadan, so sorry for any confusion! 🙂 Stay safe!

Asalamualykum, my fellow Muslims and non-Muslims!! Ramadan Kareem! 

Hey there! So this is the first Ramadan I have a blog and I’m going to kick off my Ramablogs (hehe) with a post I hope fellow Muslims find relatable! And even if you aren’t Muslim, I hope I have in some way, educated you about Ramadan struggles!💁‍♀️

1. Binge Eating At Suhoor (Meal Before Dawn)

Now I can’t personally relate, but my family and friends can! Especially when they wake up with only 10 minutes left!😱

2. Wobbling During Taraweeh (Taraweeh: AKA Leg Day Workout)

Actual footage of me after Taraweeh prayers

I felt this every year when we used to pray at the mosque, when the imam leading the prayer made Taraweeh last SO LONG! I would shift my weight from my left foot to my right foot to ease the pain. And the WORST was when my foot would fall asleep! 

Now with this whole global pandemic, Taraweeh have become somewhat easier with my family praying at home together. But I still feel like I’m doing my leg day workout! 🦵

3. Using The Bathroom CONSTANTLY After Suhoor (all that water you speed drank!) 


This is my reality now, especially since I’m consciously making sure I’m hydrated this Ramadan! Every Suhoor, I end up drinking SO much water, to the point that I can hear it swoosh in my stomach! And I’m waking up at LEAST three times just to relieve my bladder. Anyone else?😳

4. Eating Too Much At Iftar (even when you say you won’t)

No explanation necessary! But I must add, I come out of Iftar looking pregnant!🤰

5. Staying Up All Night And Ruining Your Circadian Rhythm

Every year, I say I’m going to sleep early and wake up early during Ramadan. Well, um, that’s going great!😌

6. Vowing To Not Eat Fried Things

Trying to be all healthy shmealthy huh? Those pakoras, falafel, samosas, chicken nuggets,  fries, and rolls won’t disappear on their own! And why are these so tempting?? I eat one, and I just gotta eat them all!

Why are the best foods SO BAD FOR YOU?!?!? Explain! 

7. Freezing Masjids


Not too relatable now (I hope!!), but why is this so true? I’m nearly shivering during Taraweehs! 🥶

8. When You’re Thirsty All Day Long (but suddenly not at Iftar)

Same goes for hunger! It vanishes by Iftar time! 

9. Ramadan. In. Summer.


I’m counting down the days that Ramadan is in the winter!! 🥵This summer weather is too harsh! But gosh, I can’t just give up my mangoes!! 🥭

AND there you have it! I hope you found some solace in knowing that we are all going through the same pesky things during Ramadan. But isn’t this what makes Ramadan so special?

I’m over here complaining about this, but deep down, I’m loving it! 🥰🥰

Soooo, how many of you all are fasting this year? How is it going so far? And if you aren’t, just drop by and say hello down in the comments!! (If anyone is up for a deep conversation about why mangoes are the ultimate fruit, you know who to go to!)

your fave (you just don’t know it yet),

ayesha ❤️ 

57 thoughts on “9 Things Muslims In Ramadan Understand All Too Well|Ramablog #1

  1. Ramadan Kareem Ayesha✨ I am curious enough to ask every year at this time with my Muslim colleagues what and all you do, you know their simple answers, “One meal a day” and I wish someone could actually explain me something like this 😍. That’s well said in a humourous way 😂. Loved the way you written. That definitely needed years of practice to pull through these days at ease. Thanks for sharing Ayesha ✨🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha I’m so so glad you enjoyed, Simon! 🙌😁
      Ramadan was actually two ish months ago, and I had published this then. For some reason it went back into my drafts and I have to republish it 🤔 very odd!
      Thanks for the lovely comment 💕😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ll try to remember these words. Now I know why my colleagues never pronounced this to me.😳 I’ll practice it 😄. Thanks for sharing this Ayesha 😇🤗


    1. Sure thing!
      I have a lot of gifs saved on my phone. I just open the WordPress app on my phone, add all the gifs from my Photo Library on my phone into the Media on WordPress. Then I write away! 😀 Got it?

      Liked by 2 people

  2. OMGGGGGG THIS WAS TOOOOOOOO RELATABLE!! Today I experienced the bladder thing like I only drank 3L in one sitting wdym I’m going to the washroom every 2 seconds?! Lool but seriously all of these are so so true I’m cryinggg. And everything in Ramadan is fried like diet whereee? Love this!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. YESS TELL ME ABOUT IT!! I can’t sleep right now and it’s 5:30 AM, but I keep having to use the bathroom 😂😂 and the thing with fried food is that you have one, you gotta have more!! 🤷‍♀️😳
      I’m so glad you found it relatable!! Sending you loads of my love, always! ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a really cool post to read!! I’m a Christian so I don’t know a ton about Islamic “culture” I guess you could say but it was interesting to read more about it! So from what I gathered, you fast from sun-up to sun-down every day? For how long? I’ve never fasted but it would be interesting to do sometime, I know ppl from my church do fasts sometimes. Cool post! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so very true! 😱💕 Ramadan instills a great sense of mindfulness and self control in me. Plus on the bright side, I’m no longer snacking on junk food all day 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ramadan kareem!
    This post is very relatable and honest and at the same time, very, very hilarious 😂 Man, the tripping over in taraweeh! Your not the only one girl!

    My ramadan is going pretty well. Just finished eating iftaar and I’m gonna do some prayers and then eat some more!

    Thank you for a lol of a post,
    Stay safe and sending virtual hugs ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree! It was my favorite part of Ramadan! ☹️But I truly believe everything happens for a reason 🙃💕
        Stay safe and keep me in your duas ♥️♥️

        Liked by 2 people

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