A Group of Men Took Pictures of Me And I Don’t Know What To Do

A couple of days ago, my eight year old sister would not step begging for me to take her to the park, which happened to be a 10 minute walk from our house. Being the perfect older sister, I complied.

I kid you not, I took 237 steps outside the house (my iPhone will verify that) before I noticed a group of young men aiming smartphone cameras at me. I squinted my eyes to see what was happening, and that’s when a series of flashes ensued.

They thought I didn’t notice the flashing light, especially with the bright sun out at midday.

But I noticed.

And I froze.

I can’t even begin to describe to you why I froze. I just did. I just locked my eyes with one of the men, and I was going to confront them.

But I didn’t. Because as “safe” as these politicians and leaders say women are, we are not. With me confronting them, I was only putting my own life in danger. Can you imagine? A 17 year old girl, with her younger sister, ready to confront a group of juvenile men? Had it turned physical, I would have surely been a goner. I could have been murdered, because in Pakistan, and unfortunately the rest of the world, the women will always be the one at fault. It’s unimaginable that the male is the guilty one at hand. And it would only bring disgrace and dishonor on me to even accuse someone of such a thing.

And imagine if I had called the police. Because get this, Pakistan actually has LAWS against sexual harassment (under section 509 of Pakistan Penal Code). But you’d be an absolute idiot if you think any of these laws are regulated. They would questions whether taking pictures of a woman without her CONSENT is even deemed as sexual harassment.

But worst of all, they would say that men taking pictures of me is a compliment. That it is simply a measurement of the beauty I possess (???!?!?)

I’m so upset right now. I know this happened a few days ago, which is why I delayed writing about it since my emotions were going through the loop of a roller coaster. But this is so wrong.

I feel humiliated. Embarrassed. Exposed. Vulnerabe. Angry. Furious. Violated. Stripped of all my dignity and self worth.

I’m just so angry. I’m angry because those men thought they were in power, and I’m angry that I didn’t even try to confront them, despite all the odds stacked up against me. The fact that I didn’t do anything about it means hat they still think they are superior to women.

I know this rant makes no sense, but I hope it gives you an insight into how emotionally troubled and disturbed I am. I literally don’t know what to do. I pray to God Almighty that He punishes them severely, because as much as we all preach forgiveness and letting go, I can’t. No way. What those men did is plain disgusting, and they need to pay.

So what now? I literally don’t know what to do. Those pictures of me could be circulating in WhatsApp chains, men may be jerking off to it, who knows, maybe I’m about to be killed in a few days? All I know is, I’ve let those men win, because I’m terrified of leaving the house now.

God, I just want to scream and kick and punch those men so bad right now. They’ve turned my life upside down in a matter of days. Making me questions my own self love and respect.

But for now I suppose I’ll just cry.

Because that’s all I can do.

your fave (you just don’t know it yet),

ayesha ❤

I want to thank those men, for making me declare an all outward against sexual harassment. And when I get on something, I won’t stop until I’m dead. Can’t wait to see you and people like you in court!

42 thoughts on “A Group of Men Took Pictures of Me And I Don’t Know What To Do

  1. Girl, I’m sorry that happened to you!! That is terrible and I hate that you were worried about your safety. It’s disgusting and I’m sending virtual hugs your way ❤️💖
    Love you girl and sorry I’ve been off blogging for a while. I’m catching up on your blog now 🙂 😂( heheh)

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  2. You said “your rant” doesn’t make sense. That’s wrong. It does make sense. You have every right to be angry. I can imagine how you must have felt. This is really sad…


  3. That’s horrible. I wish it was safer to confront men who so casually violate women’s privacy, but I also know you are right that it isn’t safe. I can only hope that sharing your experience helps to relieve your feelings and maybe enlighten some readers who would have otherwise thought taking pictures without permission was ok. It isn’t, and it’s not a compliment!


  4. Salaam o alaikum Ayesha, I am so sorry that you had to go through this. May Allah keep you safe, and send lots of blessings your way. I had wanted to say Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak. I hope that you had a Blessed Eid with your loved ones 💕

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  5. Ohh Ayesha. I’m sorry you had to go through it. Karma will be waiting for them. The world isn’t safe for women, not just in Pakistan, in other countries too. You were right in not confronting those jerks. You were outnumbered and that would not have been a happy ending. I’m sick of such creatures. They are a terrible disgrace to other men and the entire humanity! Write and Vent it out. That’s the best way to vent it out

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  6. Sorry.

    You are right to write it down. You are right to share it. It won’t change unless you show people what is happening in your world. People will do things without thinking about what they are doing. When you show them, there is a chance that they will change.

    I’m sorry, but it may not change much in your lifetime. But if you tell the story, it may happen in a few generations. Always be careful for your own safety. And keep telling your stories.



  7. Ayesha, I am so sorry you had to go through that – no one deserves to. That must’ve been so terrible, and you have every reason to cry and let your emotions out; they’re valid. It really is frustrating that our society can be so crap and backwards, even in this day and age. Surround yourself with the people who love and care for you for the next few days, and you’ll only become stronger after this ❤️ ❤️ Sending all my love!! 🙂


  8. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you went through that. It’s not acceptable and it’s not your fault. People shouldn’t be allowed to take photos of people without their permission. I would be terrified and confused and I can only imagine what thoughts you must be feeling. Women shouldn’t have to react or put up with these things, men should just know better. It’s disgusting. And worse still, that the laws that are supposed to protect us, do absolutely nothing and support those in the wrong. They knew they could get away with it and sadly, they may do this again to another girl. I hope you keep strong and find inner peace x

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  9. I’m sorry that this happened to you and I hope you do manage to go to the park again, do you have female rights charities to call to see if they have any free counselling for you to try to take back control and get suggestions to move forward. Maybe someone like Amnesty International.

    Good luck and all my best wishes Charlotte


  10. Same things happened here ,I think if I were on your place I also thought like you and security of sister also ,we girls thoughts same because no one blames boys for their bad doings.stay safe and healthy.


  11. My goodness! I’m really sorry you have to go through that. I really can’t imagine the horror and the fear :(((( All love and hugs to you

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  12. That’s sick those men don’t need to be doing that! I had something similar happen to me! I was in the store with my mom. and these men they are like in their 20s or 30s and they were like smiling at me and my mom was distracted .so she didn’t see them they were about to come over and then my mom came back to where I was so they stepped back. it sacred me so bad!!

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  13. I admire how brave you’re to write about this incidence. Every article or blog or just a dialogue creates a notion and these notions develop and creates an environment better and safe for womens. You have all support from our blogger family. One day will come inshallah where women will feel safe outside. Until then stay safe.

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  14. I am shocked that you had to face this disgusting ordeal. While I agree with all the statements you’ve made, I’d like to suggest that if something of this sort happens the next time, try clicking photos of those men or try memorizing their faces so that you have evidence and that will ensure your safety.
    Take Care !

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  15. Ayesha – I am sorry you went through this. There are a lot of suggestions I immediately thought of and instantly wished I could have been there walking with you. Stay safe my sister.

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  16. Well done and thankyou for opening up about this and really sorry to hear that has happened to you. However although you feel that you have let these people win, by speaking up about this you are fighting back.

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  17. oh my gosh, this is completely unacceptable, i’m from Pakistan too I don’t live there but it’s where i originate from and I know these things are common in Pakistan unfortunately 😦 In’shaa’allah it gets better and these things stop happening ❤

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  18. This is unacceptable and disgusting… No one has a right to do that, and I am really upset that this happened. InshaAllah it gets better, only Allah knows the unknown. This should never happen.. I agree with u, this is plain disgusting, May Allah help you and bless u, Ameen!

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  19. I’m sorry that this has happened to you.

    My bigger concern would be that they were actually photographing your little sister.

    I’m confident both of you are valuable on the human trafficking market.

    Did they follow the two of you to the park?

    Have you informed your parents about this situation?

    Saddling the truth of the matter is until Dad’s stand up for their daughters against other men things won’t change in cultures such as yours.

    Here in the United States when I was your age it was the same situation. when I was sexually assaulted at the age of 11 my father said we will never speak of this again. Of course we did but in sly cutting ways.

    Today dad’s when sue here in the states.

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  20. I feel your pain deeply dear, we women or girls are always blamed for the worse no matter the situation or condition we are placed in. Lol they think they have the power but have forgotten that we as women are not helpless and we’ll never be helpless. Talking about it even makes you more stronger and i sure hope and pray with everything in me that they do hit their doom. You’re not alone in this fight against sexual harassment


  21. I feel your pain deeply dear, we women or girls are always blamed for the worse no matter the situation or condition we are placed in. Lol they think they have the power but have forgotten that we as women are not helpless and we’ll never be helpless. Talking about it even makes you more stronger and i sure hope and pray with everything in me that they do hit their doom. You’re not alone in this fight against sexual harassment


  22. Ayesha, I am so sorry you had to face that. I understand how terrible it must feel to want to do something and not be able to because you’re worried about your own safety, as well as the safety of those you love, and being an older sister myself, my first instinct would be to get my sister as far away from any harm as possible.

    It’s terrifying to think of the gravity of the situation and how often things of the sort happen to women – our safety, respect, and autonomy has become a joke at this point, but I can assure you that they haven’t won. The only thing that keeps me sane is the idea that some power out there sees what they’ve done, and they’re going to get what they deserve. I hope you feel better. All love to you ❤

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  23. Ayesha, I’m so sorry 💔 I hate getting my picture taken by people I know, so getting my picture taken by strangers is something I’m terrified of as well. I 100% get what you mean. That’s so disgusting, and I can’t believe a whole group of men were doing it too. What the actual heck.
    You are not a coward at all! You were with your little sister, and it’s not your fault at all. You wanted to protect her and yourself, and you did the right choice by not confronting them right away. Have you told anyone else in real life, like a trusted adult or a friend? I’m not sure how things are in Pakistan, but maybe there is something that can be done. What they did was completely inappropriate, no one can take your picture without your permission (except family I guess haha).
    If anything, know that they will definitely, definitely get their justice on the day of judgement. And you may think you’re weak, but I think you’re strong for going through that. It’s such a terrible thing, I know, but just having to go through that and keeping silent for you and your sister’s safety is such strength in itself. Sending prayers and love 💕

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  24. That’s very inappropriate and it’s so sad that this is the world we live in where men can get away with things like this. I hope you feel better and even though you couldn’t stand up to them now. They didn’t win and one day you’ll be able to. 🌻💫

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  25. That sucks! How inappropriate and violating that was?!! I’m sorry you have to go through that, why do men always think that what they do to us girl is a compliment? I’m sick of men behaving like this. I hope you’re feeling better now.

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  26. Hey Ayesha. This is so bitter to read. And am sorry for what you went through!
    I wonder how these men are brought up by their women in home. Stay strong and safe. Let the power within you bring the strongest girl. Sending you love. 💗💗

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    1. I think there is no matter off upbringing vy women, women of their home , are not responsible for those disgusting boys disgusting works, sorry don’t mind I think so offshorewriter.

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      1. May be I agree with you partially! But I read a recent news where a girl’s mother and father forced that girl for their disgusting pleasures.. and the heart breaking news is her mother was the one who invited her father’s friends to come over and have that little girl. Monsters like this still exist around us! No wonder how?


      2. I know there are exceptions, but generally no mother or woman would taught wrong doings to her children, if anybody does like this she will also become the victim of his or her doings or will get nothing. Thanks offshorewriter to pay attention at my thought . I agreed in the form of human some devils exist on earth.🙏

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  27. Oh my god… That’s disgusting… I hope you feel better. They’ll get exactly what they deserve. It’s horrible, and in my country too similar things happen. I understand.
    Sending hugs and love,

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