About Me ✨

Asalamualykum! Peace be upon you!

You’ve made it to my little corner (who knew the ‘internet’ even had a shape) of the internet!!  I’ve been waiting for your arrival for what seems like ages now! 💃💃💃

A little bit about me. Hi there! Heyyyy! My name’s Ayesha. Eye-sha, Eye-ee-sha, Ayeeshuh, A-shah, Ay-EH-shuh, A’isha, or however you’d like! Believe me, I’ve heard them all!

I spent the first thirteen years of my life growing up in the States, before my family made the life changing decision to move to Saudi Arabia. After spending a year there, we finally settled in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan!

I’ve got three younger siblings, who are overly energetic and very annoying-but-only-when-I’m-busy. Weird how that works, huh? But I still love them to death! Just don’t tell them I said that!

As cliche and stereotypical as it’s going to sound, I, yes, this little Pakistani girl, have big dreams for the future!  Step one: get into med school! In my opinion, this is the hardest one! I do in fact have a dream med school I’ve been picturing myself at for least three years now. Disclaimer: It is not very healthy! 😛

You guys reading this have no idea, but I want to do so much and help so many people. I don’t even say this to gain attention, I genuinely want to see and be able to help so so so so many people by setting up schools, hospitals, prison reforms, build roads and skyscrapers and create millions of jobs. I could go on for hours and hours and hours! Probably even days! It’s my absolute passion, and it consumes 110% of my daydreaming! Sure, maybe this is all too much to ask for, so we gotta start off small and practical!

How though? Well, this blog seems like a good place to start! Just the conscious thought that this blog and community on here has put a smile on someone’s face warms my heart. When I see your happy comments, it’s just a feeling that never gets old or repetitive! ❤

My blog doesn’t have a set niche, so you can find literally anything and everything on here, ranging from personal posts, advice, rants, and reviews!

As of right now, the whole Corona situation let me graduate high school early, and now I’ve got too much time on my hands. How will I utilize it effectively? The only way you can…

by BLOGGING!! (mostly reading and commenting on other people’s blogs to be fair!) (and also studying for my medical entry tests! pray for me🙏)

So grab a snack, and WELCOME to my humble abode on the internet! And follow me fast! Don’t you want bragging rights to be able to say you were one of my first followers when I’m rich and famous one day? 😌😌😌